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2020 Year of the Owl

The Portage Park District is pleased to present the Wild Hikes Challenge, a program designed to encourage healthy recreation in our parks and trails while showcasing Portage County’s rich natural heritage that we are working to conserve. The theme for 2020 ushers in the Year of the Owl for the Portage Park District Wild Hikes Challenge.  Our trusty mascot, Owlbert, is particularly excited about this year’s theme. Owls are fascinating, mysterious creatures that are abundant in our county. We look forward to listening to your needs with the precision of specialized owl ears, adjusting our course as needed with the ease of an owl in silent flight, and planning our conservation, education and recreation programs with 2020 vision!   To participate, complete 8 of the following trails before December 31st to earn a hiking staff (1st year) and/or a 2019 Wild Hikes medallion.

Most of the designated trails are rated as easy, with length ranging from 1-3 miles. If hikers can’t make all of the listed trails, they are able to substitute up to 2 of the trails with ones of their own choosing within the Park District system. Suggested donations to help cover program costs are $5/medallion and $10/hiking staff. Our Foundation makes it possible to provide the hiking staffs and annual medallions. Hiking staffs are hand hewn by Hiram Farm workers in Hiram Township, Portage County OH.

DISCLAIMER: Forms may contain outdated information, for reference - always check kiosk for park map and information before you hike. 

2019 Wild Hikes medallion

2019 Year of the Pollinators

* only a few left! 

Wild hikes medallion 2018
2018 Year of the American Beech
Wild Hikes medallion 2017
2017 Year of Vibrant Green Spaces
Wild Hikes medallion 2016
2016 Celebrating 25 Years 
Wild Hikes medallion 2015
2015 Year of Soils
**low inventory
Wild Hikes medallion 2014
2014 Year of the Salamander
 Wild Hikes medallion 2013
2013 Year of the Snake
Wild Hikes medallion 2012
2012 Year of the Bat
Wild Hikes medallion 2011
2011 International Year of Forests
Wild Hikes medallion 2010
2010 Portage Park District Foundation
**low inventory
Wild Hikes medallion 2009
2009 Year of the River


Accepted payment methods are checks and exact cash only
To make a donation for a hiking staff and/or medallion, please make Checks out to:

Portage Park District Foundation
705 Oakwood St. Suite G-4
Ravenna, OH 44266