Headwaters Adventure Race

Run Pedal Paddle - Headwaters Adventure Race

July 11, 2020 – Buchert Park, Mantua Village

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RUN, PEDAL and PADDLE for trails and watershed conservation! 

Run 2 miles on the Headwaters Trail
Bike 10 miles on rural roads past scenic landscapes
Paddle 5 miles on the Upper Cuyahoga Scenic River
Participants can race SOLO or on a TEAM.
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Questions? Contact: Kristi at kristirun10@gmail.com or 440-231-2311

Race registration rates:
Individual with kayak rental – $59
Individual without rental (SAVE $10!) – $49
Team (teams must be in canoe together-only one rental needed) – $69
Special rates are available for students! (click register for more details)

Race Starts at 8 a.m., Packet pick-up and registration from 6:45-7:45 a.m.

New to the Race?

On race day - you will do the following:
1. If you are using your own kayak/canoe - drop off at Camp Hi prior to coming to Buchert Park. 
2. Arrive at Buchert Park, volunteers will show you where to park and then you will check-in at the pavilion.
3. Set up your bike at the bike station.
4. Get ready to run, the starting line is at Buchert Park at E. High St. 
5. 8 a.m.-  the race begins, you will run out 1 mile, turn around and return to the park 
6. Finish run at the park, retrieve your bike and begin your ride to Camp Hi. (you will leave your bike at Camp Hi, to be picked up after the race)
7. Arrive at Camp Hi, and proceed to your kayak/canoe to complete the paddle portion of the race. 
8. Arrive at Buchert Park via the Cuyahoga River, volunteers will assist you in your exit and instruct you to run through the finish line on land. You will need to cross the finish line to officially complete the race. 
9. Refreshments are available and Awards will be presented after the race in the pavilion. 
10. Pick up your bike at Camp Hi on your way home and celebrate your experience! 

People taking a picture after Running in Race   People Running in a Race   Guy Carrying a Kayak

People on a side of a river dragging a canoe onto the shore   People Running in a Race   two people canoeing in a river

People Canoeing in a river   People taking a picture after Running in Race   People Running in a Race