Oakwood Acres Subdivision Sanitary Improvements

Construction Update for 6/26/2019 please click link below


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Portage County Water Resources Project:
Oakwood Acres Subdivision Sanitary Improvements
Mogadore Rd., Howe Rd., Loraine Dr., Eckwood Dr., Stillwood Dr. & Clearfield Dr.
As you may know, we are the contractor who will be installing the new sanitary sewer for Portage County Water Resources. Rudzik Excavating will begin setting up and starting to install this new sanitary main in the coming weeks.
We are asking for your cooperation in making this a successful project. As we make our way down the streets listed above, we may temporarily block your driveway. We will notify you in advance of this crossing. Construction will be moving fast and we do not anticipate blocking your drive for more than a few hours. We will end each day’s work either before or after the closest driveway to ensure minimal disturbance. Also, you may find project materials stored along the road Right of Way, approximately 20’ from the edge of roadway at the furthest point. If there is any lawn restoration required, it will be performed as quickly as possible.
Portage County Water Resources will be providing contract administration and inspection services for this project. The Engineering department can be contacted during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please forward any construction related concerns to Mike Mihalich, Construction Supervisor, PCWR at mmihalich@portageco.com.

We look forward to a successful project and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Joe Sacco
Rudzik Excavating, Inc.