Chinn Resident Notification Letter

Chinn Area

Dear Resident,                                                      


Portage County, after inspection and testing by the Health Department, has determined that the installation of sanitary sewers are necessary to address water quality violations and its threat to public health.  The Board of County Commissioners have elected to complete a project for a new sanitary sewer system in your neighborhood.  The project area is as depicted in the map herein.


Please be advised that the Portage County Water Resources Department entered into an Agreement for the detailed surveying and engineering necessary to develop construction drawings for this project with CT Consultants, Inc.  CT Consultants, Inc. and its sub-consultants S&ME and Davey Resource Group are providing professional surveying, geotechnical and engineering services to Portage County for the Chinn Regional Sewer Improvements Project.


Personnel of CT Consultants and its sub-consultants acting as agents of/for Portage County, may enter upon your property within the next 180 days to obtain field data needed in connection with this improvement.  The engineering, survey and geotechnical parties have been instructed to carry with them this letter of introduction and to inform the occupants when they first enter upon property. 

The official notification letter may be viewed HERE.

Please contact Portage County Water Resources Department at 330.298.3036 or with any questions or concerns.  Please also visit our web page for updates throughout the project.