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Responsible RestartOhio Manufacturing, Distribution & Construction

The Ohio Department of Health Director issued a Director's Second Order to Extend the Expiration Date of Various Orders.  This Order effective July 6, 2020 states that the Director "ordered that the expiration date of various Director of Health Orders be extended as set forth in this order. The Order shall remain in full force and effect until the earlier of the state of Emergency declared by the governor no longer exisits, or the Director of the Ohio Deparetment of Health rescinds or modifies this order". 

Furthermore, the Order states "the sector specific requirements and guidlines in the Order may be amended and posted at coronavirus.ohio.gov and are then to be considered incorporated by reference as if fully rewritten into the order, when ordered by the Director of Health".

Specific attention should be given to the following sections for the prevention and spread of contagious and infectious diseases and to prevent the spread of COVID-19:  

ODH Best Management Practices & Guidance Posters

Additional Information and Tools 

Portage County Health District has a wide variety of information and tools available on PCHD COVID-19 webpages to assist with your successful and Responsible RestartOhio.  

Additional information can be found on our COVID-19 pages; however, if there is a particular resource or information you are seeking and cannot find, please contact us.