Farm Market

A farm market is a producer operated facility where fresh fruits and vegetables and other food items are offered for sale.

What types of foods may the farm market offer for sale and still be exempt from the RFE license?

A farm market that only offers for sale the following types of food items is exempt from the RFE license:

  • fresh unprocessed fruits or vegetables;

  • maple syrup, sorghum, or honey [properly labeled];

  • properly labeled products of a cottage food production operation;

  • cider and other juices manufactured on site at the farm market [properly labeled]; 

  • eggs on the condition that the farm market operator is selling  eggs from his own flock of  five hundred or fewer birds;

  • poultry on the condition that the farm market operator offering to sell the poultry annually slaughters one thousand or fewer chickens of his own raising;

  • non-amenable meats (rabbit, bison, etc.) on the condition that the non-amenable meats that farm market operator is offering to sell are raised by him; and

  • Commercially prepackaged food that is not potentially hazardous, on the condition that the food is contained in displays, the total space of which equals less than one hundred cubic feet on the premises where the person conducts business at the farm market;

How does a farm market register with the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Division of Food Safety?

  • A farm market operator may contact the Division of Food Safety at 1-800-282-1955 to obtain registration information, or email.