Correctional and Detention Facilities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides guiding principles for healthcare and non-healthcare administrators of correctional and detention facilities (including but not limited to federal and state prisons, local jails, and detention centers), law enforcement agencies that have custodial authority for detained populations (i.e.., US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and US Marshals Service), and their respective health departments, to assist in preparing for potential introduction, spread, and mitigation of COVID-19 in their facilities. In general, the document uses terminology referring to correctional environments but can also be applied to civil and pre-trial detention settings.

CDC's Correctional and Detention Facility information:

  • Ongoing Mitigation Guidance:
    • Guidance to plan, prepare, and respond 
  • Prevention and Support:
    • EPA/CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance
    • FAQs for Correctional and Detention Facilities

CDC Fact Sheets:

Additional Information

ODH Director's Order Concerning Jails and Detention Centers