Congregate Settings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Shared and Congregate Housing guidance was created to help owners, administrators, or operators of shared (also called “congregate”) housing facilities – working together with residents, staff, and public health officials – prevent the spread of COVID-19.  For this guidance, shared housing includes a broad range of settings, such as apartments, condominiums, student or faculty housing, national and state park staff housing, transitional housing, and domestic violence and abuse shelters. 

Correctional and detention facilities can include custody, housing, education, recreation, healthcare, food service, and workplace components in a single physical setting. The integration of these components presents unique challenges for control of COVID-19 transmission among incarcerated/detained persons, staff, and visitors. Consistent application of specific preparation, prevention, and management measures can help reduce the risk of transmission and severe disease from COVID-19.

CDC provides information about:

  • Ongoing Mitigation Guidance:
    • Guidance to plan, prepare, and respond, 
  • Prevention and Support:
    • Cleaning and disinfecting
    • FAQs
    • Cleaning and Disinfecting public spaces: everyday steps and when someone is sick