Portage County Health District Staff

Portage County Health District Staff

Joseph Diorio, MPH, MS, RSHealth Commissioner
Dr. Mark Arredondo, MDMedical Director
Dorothy FilingPersonnel Officer

Environmental Health Services

Mary Helen Smith, MPH, CPH, RS, REHSDirector, Environmental Health Services
Elizabeth Ahrens, BS, RSRegistered Sanitarian
Stan Carlisle, MPH, RSRegistered Sanitarian
Jack Madved, BS, RSRegistered Sanitarian
Amos Sarfo, MS, RSStormwater & Wastewater Supervisor
William Duck, BASanitarian-in-Training
Dan RobinsonCertified Plumbing Inspector
Justin Rechichar, MPH, RSSurvey Program Supervisor (Pools, Food and Campgrounds)
Bridget RinehartStormwater Clerk
Jennifer Lowry, BSSanitarian-in-Training
Emily Volz, BSSanitarian-in-Training
Michael Spies, BSSanitarian-in-Training
Lindsey Smith, BSSanitarian-in-Training

Nursing Services

Rosemary Ferraro, MSN, RNDirector, Nursing Services
Marianne Kitakis, BSN, RNPublic Health Nurse
Sherry Halas, BSN, RNPublic Health Nurse
Susan Forgacs, BSN, RNPublic Health Nurse
Anne Adkins, BSN, RNPublic Health Nurse
Christine Reese, BSN, RNPublic Health Nurse
Philesia CondorClerk
Julie KlustyBilling Clerk

Finance Services

Debra StallDirector, Finance Services
Carol Pillsbury, BBAAccount Clerk
Lisa M. MileyGrants Fiscal Manager
Debbie Wine, ASAccount Clerk

Health Education and Promotion

Becky Lehman, MPH, CHESDirector, Health Education and Promotion
Ali Mitchell, BSHealth Educator
Kat Holtz, BSHealth Educator
Kimberly Plough, MEd, CHESHealth Educator
Karen Towne, MSN, RN, APHN-BCMaternal Child Health Project Director
Kevin Watson, BS, RSAccreditation Coordinator
Lynette BlasimanSafe Communities/Motorcycle Ohio Project Director