2020 Portage County All-Hazards Mitigation Plan (HMP) update

Thank you for participating in Portage County’s mitigation planning meetings! Local participation in the planning process is important for the development of a meaningful and actionable mitigation plan. While there are many benefits to having an approved hazard mitigation plan, grant eligibility is a significant priority for many jurisdictions. Once the update has been completed, jurisdictions will then move forward to having their governing bodies adopt the plan via resolution and the process will continue to FEMA’s consideration and final approval of the plan.  More information will be forthcoming!

The HMP is updated every five years, with the goal to save lives and property through the reduction of hazard vulnerability. Ultimately, all of our Portage County Municipalities benefit from being eligible for Federal funding. During this planning project, the county, local leaders and the participating communities are working in tandem to identify risks, assess capabilities, and formulate a strategy to reduce disaster vulnerability in our communities. 

If you would like more information regarding our project, please visit the project website at: www.burtonplanning.com/portage-hmp

Thank you for taking time to help with the completion of this important project for all the jurisdictions in Portage County!

Current 2015 All-Hazards Mitigation Plan