100-day FWAB Notice for the August 7, 2018 Special Election   

Notice of a Special Meeting - May 23, 2018

Notice of a Regular Meeting - May 25, 2018  

Election Results:  Final Unofficial Canvass

Unofficial Precinct by Precinct Report

Unofficial Race by Precinct Report

18th District State Central Committee Most Populous Results

Valid Write-in Candidate Supplemental List

Attention Write-in Candidates: Write-in vote totals listed on the Unofficial Canvass do not represent the number of valid write-in votes case for candidates in any races.  Unofficial write-in vote totals will be updated on a supplemental list once they are verified.   



Staff Contacts

Name Title
Faith Lyon Director
Theresa Nielsen Deputy Director

Board of Elections Members

Name Title
Craig M. Stephens Chair
Patricia Nelson Member
Doria Daniels Member
Elayne J. Cross Member