Portage County Solid Waste Management
District Recycling Center
3588 Mogadore Road, Kent, Ohio 44240
(330) 678-8808
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The Portage County Solid Waste District was established in 1989 in compliance with a new Ohio law that required each County to form "Districts" and take responsibility for providing capacity and recycling opportunities for their waste stream.  Portage County formed a "single county" District that includes a population of 161,000. 

The Portage County Solid Waste Management Plan approved by the Ohio EPA made a strong commitment to public ownership of a recycling processing center to assure the feasibility and marketability of local collection programs.  In response to this commitment, the District purchased a $2,200,000 recycling/transfer station located at 3588 Mogadore Road, Brimfield Township, Portage County, Ohio, to replace the former District Recycling Facility located on Marvin Street in the City of Kent.

Ohio law allows Solid Waste Districts to fund their recycling programs by collecting a fee on solid waste disposed in landfills and transfer stations. The law requires Ohio landfills and transfer stations to collect fees on behalf of Districts and remit the fees monthly to the appropriate Solid Waste District. 
The Portage County Solid Waste Management District is funded by a $9.60 per ton generation fee that is charged on waste originating in Portage County. The fee is collected at any landfill or transfer station in Ohio where Portage County waste is taken. The District also receives funds from the sale of recyclables such as newspaper, cardboard and plastics and from the fees charged for the curbside pick up service. 
In order to fund educational programs and special waste reduction projects, the District also seeks out and applies for grant funds. The education and waste reduction activities of Waste Reduction Program are funded mainly by a Rural Recycling Grant from the United States Department of Agriculture. The District Recycling Center is also the largest publicly owned and operated Material Recovery Facility in the State of Ohio.
The District does not receive funding from the county general fund. Neither can District fees be used to support county activities. Fee revenue can only be spent on District activities.

The Centers operates Monday thru Friday, from 7:30 A.M. thru 4 P.M.