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*Every winter, the energy equivalent of all the oil that flows through the Alaskan pipeline in a year leaks through American windows

.*The average U.S. home uses the energy equivalent of 1,253 gallons of oil every year.

*Microwaves use around 50% less energy than conventional ovens; they're most efficient for small portions or defrosting.

*Every time you open your oven door during cooking, you lose 25 to 50 degrees- or more.

*Washers and dryers can account for as much as 25% of the energy you use at home (including the hot water for the wash).

*As much as 90% of the energy consumed by washing machines and 80% of the energy used by dishwashers goes to heating the water.

*During the winter, you can save as much as 3% of the energy your furnace uses simply by lowering your thermostat one degree F (if it's set between 65 F and 72 F).

*Dust on a light bulb or dirt on a glass fixture can reduce the light it gives off by 10 percent and make it seem that you need a brighter, higher wattage bulb.

*Even the paint color you choose can affect your energy use. A white wall reflects 80 percent of the light that hits it; a black one reflects just 10 percent. The more light the walls reflect, the greater the chance that the light can be 'recycled' by striking the wall, bouncing off, and still illuminating the room.

*A heated waterbed can use as much energy as a large refrigerator. Leaving it unmade in the fall or winter can double that by letting the heat dissipate into the air.

*You can save 10% or more of your heating or cooling costs by insulating and tightening up ducts.

*About 15% of the energy you use for heating your home goes to warming up air that leaks in through the cracks.

*Efficiency counts. The most effective new appliances typically use 50% less energy than the most wasteful ones.

*Choose a refrigerator with a freezer on top, instead of a side-by-side unit. On average, the savings amount to 20%.

*Between 15 and 30 percent of the energy your water heater uses goes to keeping a tank of water hot, just in case you need it.

*Even during a mild winter, you can lose as much energy through one single-pane window as a 75-watt light bulb uses running seven hours a day, 365 days a year.

*A double-pane window retains twice as much heat as a single-pane window.

*40% of the energy you use in your home is for heat.