Portage County Solid Waste Management
District Recycling Center
3588 Mogadore Road, Kent, Ohio 44240
(330) 678-8808
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Drop Off Centers

Please only recycle the following items:

Glass - Jars bottles

Cans - Aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans from food and beverages

Plastic - Beverage and laundry product bottles marked with a #1 (PET) or #2 (HDPE) on the bottom, soda bottles.

Paper - Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, office paper, junk mail and paperboard boxes.

Cardboard - Clean corrugated, without wax coating or foil.


Portage County Solid Waste Management District Recycling Center
Bill Steiner - Director
William G. Steiner, II - Director
Email: bsteiner@portageco.com
Phone: 330-678-8808

Brimfield Twp:
Phone: 330-678-8808
3588 Mogadore Rd.

Charlestown Twp:
Phone: 330-296-8524
Old Charlestown School, Rock Spring Rd.

Deerfield Twp:
Phone: 330-584-2611
Deerfield Circle SR 14, Deerfield Twp Garage

Edinburg Twp:
Phone: 325-7783
6856 Tallmadge Rd., next to Fire Dept.

Freedom Twp:
SR 700 & SR 303

Garrettsville Village:
8314 Water St., at Service Garage Parking lot

Nelson Twp:
Nelson Circle

Palmyra Twp:
Phone: 330-654-4098
3956 SR 255, Palmyra Fire Station

Paris Twp:
9355 Newton Falls Rd., Shearer Community Ctr.

Randolph Twp:
3636 Waterloo Rd.
(Next to the Sports Complex)

Ravenna Twp:
Spring St., next to Township Garage

Rootstown Twp:
Phone: 330-325-7715
New Milford Rd., Maintenance Garage

Suffield Twp:
Phone: 330-628-4974
SR 43 & Waterloo Rd., Suffield Town Hall

Windham Village & Twp:
Phone: 330-326-2622
9621 E. Center Rd., between Fire & Police Stations