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The County Recorder has the important and indispensable task of keeping the vital records pertaining to ownership in real estate (land) and to all encumbrances or liens upon it.  Without the work of the County Recorder, it would be nearly impossible to purchase land and be assured of a clear title or to lend money with land as security.

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449 S. Meridian St., 4th Floor, Portage County Administration. Bldg.
Ravenna, Ohio 44266 
Phone: 330-297-3553 Fax: 330-297-7349
Document Requests:
*Toll Free 1-800-772-3799
*For calls in Portage County from a number not local to the 296 / 297 / 298 exchange.
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Last filing 3:45 p.m.

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Main Office 330-297-3553

The County Recorder  keeps and maintains accurate land records that are current, legible and easily accessible. An important aspect of the Recorder's work is to index each document so it may be readily located. Accurate indexing makes it possible for persons searching land records to find the documents necessary to establish a "chain of title" (history of ownership) and ensuresTop of page that any debts or encumbrances against the property are evident. The general public, attorneys, historians, genealogists and land title examiners, utilizes these invaluable records.

When researching real estate title, history and genealogy the Recorder's Office is an important resource.  Staff will not perform searches, but will be available to offer assistance.

All documents to be recorded must be prepared and executed according to provisions set forth in the Ohio Revised Code.

Your County Recorder:
  • Makes a complete, accurate and permanent record of every document pertaining to the conveyance and encumbrance of land within the county.

  • Maintains permanent land records, retains them in archival form and makes them accessible to the public.
  • Serves on the county's Record Commission and the Data Processing Board
  • Collects fees for documents filed in the Recorder's office and pays these monies into the county's general fund and State Housing Trust Fund.
  • Notifies the Board of County Commissioners and Township Trustees annually of their duty to file zoning resolutions, maps and amendments.
Type of official records recorded or maintained include:
  • Deeds
  • Easements
  • Land titles
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Mortgages
  • Records of veteran burials
  • Rights-of-Way
  • Unemployment Liens
  • Uniform Commercial Code FilingsTop of page
  • Various types of leases
  • Veteran discharges
Office procedures for processing each document received for record
  • Time dated 

  • Assigned a document number

  • Microfilmed & Imaged

  • Computer indexed 




County Recorder, Bonnie Howe
County Recorder


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