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Frequently Asked Questions


 What kind of training do I need to be an MRC volunteer?



All volunteers must complete approved training upon registration, and every 3 years thereafter to maintain liability protection. If you are a health professional, courses taken to maintain licensure or certification are approved training.

Starting in 2012, basic training courses required by Portage County MRC volunteers are:

MRC Volunteers interested in more training can complete:

All courses may be completed online -or- at the Portage County Health Department by scheduling an appointment.

For instructions on how to complete the courses, links, and for more information visit our Volunteer Training page.

 How often will I need training?


Documentation of an approved training will be required every three years. You will need to provide your MRC Coordinator with evidence of completion.

 Where can I find volunteer opportunities?


We will post volunteer opportunities on this website on the Volunteer Opportunities page.

 Will my services be voluntary?
  Yes!  Service is always voluntary.
 Is there liability protection for MRC volunteers?



Ohio Revised Code 121.404 provides liability protection to registered Ohio Citizen Corp (including Medical Reserve Corps) volunteers during local, state, or federally declared emergencies, disasters, drills, and trainings. It is necessary to complete the entire registration process and basic training requirements to be eligible for liability protection. The statue also exempts a registered volunteer’s personal information on the Ohio Citizen Corps Database from public disclosure.

 Where I can I find more information about the MRC?




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