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Joel D. Mowrey, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County

155 East Main Street, Kent, Ohio 44240
Phone: 330 673-1756    Fax: 330 673-1330  
Web Site:    E-mail:

The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County is one of 60 local boards created in Ohio to build service systems in their communities. The board has 18 volunteer members with varying backgrounds who live in cities, villages and townships around the county.

The board's main responsibilities, which are set by the state, include:
  • Ensuring services are available for adults, teens and children with  mental illness and alcohol or drug addiction

  • Planning for the kinds of mental health and recovery care resident's need

  • Contracting with local agencies to work as a system

  • Funding services from local, state and federal sources

  • Monitoring for quality

  • Providing education to prevent mental health problems and substance abuse

For more information, contact us at the number listed above or visit our web site at: 

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