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   Environmental Services

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Services include:
  • Sewage Systems

  • Water Supply Systems

  • Water Samples 

  • Food Service (Restaurants and Vending Machines)

  • Food Establishments (Grocery Stores)

  • Recreational Camps

  • Marinas

  • Swimming Pools Spas and Beaches

  • School Health and Safety

  • Control of mass gatherings

  • Abatement of Nuisances

  • Motel and Hotel Regulations

  • Solid Waste Inspections

  • Home Sale Evaluations

  • Home Aeration Maintenance Inspections

Homeowner’s Checklist for Planning and Building a Home in Portage County’s Townships and Villages.

Visit the Applications & Forms page for the Homeowner’s Checklist for Planning and Building a Home in Portage County’s Townships and Villages. Please contact the cities of Aurora and Streetsboro for specific instructions for these subdivisions.

Water Supply Systems

A permit is required anytime you alter your existing private water system (well or other water source), or when installing a new private water system. This is a multi-part ncr form that can be obtained at the Health Department.

Well Permit Procedures

Homeowners procedures for disinfection of well: Disinfection Procedures for Drinking Water Wells.pdf

Pre-Sale Inspection

The Health Department will perform a pre-sale inspection of a water and a sewage system upon request. This is a pre-paid service. Payment must accompany the form for inspection to be scheduled. Call the Health Department for current fee.  This form must be filled out before a pre-sale inspection can be done.  Home Sale Well & Septic Info Sheet

Semipublic Waste Water Treatment System

For information contact Richard Lashley at 330-296-9919 ext. 120.

FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF WELL CONTRACTORS:  Ohio Department of Health - Contractor Activy Staus Report

Nuisance Complaint Report Form to be filled out when making a complaint involving residential sewage, animal, garbage, or other concerns; or when making a complaint involving environmental concerns at a licensed operation, such as a hotel/motel, manufactured home park, campground, swimming pool, etc. (Food Service and Food Establishment complaints should be submitted on the FSO/RFE Complaint Report Form).

All complaints MUST be received in writing and Complaint Report Forms MUST be signed. Include as much detailed information regarding the problem as possible, and be certain to include your contact information so that you can be reached for further questions and/or to be notified of results of investigations. Visit the Applications & Forms page for the appropriate form.


The Portage County Health Department’s solid waste inspector is responsible for conducting inspections of closed landfills, transfer stations, solid waste haulers, construction and demolition debris sites, infectious waste treatment facilities, large generators of infectious waste, scrap tire generators, and compost facilities.  Additionally, the solid waste inspector investigates nuisance complaints received including those regarding these sites.

The Portage County Solid Waste Program annually licenses new and operating facilities.  License applications and registration forms are available at the Portage County Health Department. For additional information, please contact the solid waste inspector.

Notice of intent to fill

A clean hard fill permit is needed for any person responsible for causing clean hard fill to be used in legitimate fill operations for construction purposes or to bring the site up to a consistent grade, on a site other than the site of generation. The person shall provide a written “Notice of Intent to Fill” to each licensing authority where the clean hard fill is to be placed.
Visit the Applications & Forms page for the appropriate form.

   Environmental Services

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