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Portage County  Emergency Preparedness



Portage County Health Department: 330-296-9919 ext. 118

Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
 Monday through Friday    

   Emergency Preparedness

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Disasters have changed both in the way in which we define them and the way in which we respond to them. In the past, disasters were considered natural events and little was done to ease the impact of these events. In recent years, disasters have been categorized not only as natural, but man-made, technological and civil disasters. The Portage County local health departments will be proactive in fulfilling their reponsibilty to relieve these types of disasters in Portage County.

Examples of Disasters:

Extreme cold and blizzards, extreme heat, flooding, earthquakes, ice and hail storms, tornados, pandemic/epidemics and windstorms.

Hazardous material release, fire and explosion, structural collapse, power/utility failure, and train derailment.

Economic emergencies, riot, strike, demonstration/special events, terrorism/sabotage, hostage situation, nuclear, biological and chemical attacks, rampage shootings, and drug trafficking.