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Rabies is an infectious viral disease affecting the nervous system of humans and other mammals.  People cannot get rabies from contact with bat feces, blood, urine, or by touching its fur; but bats should NOT be handled with bare hands.  People can get rabies from the bite of an animal infected with rabies.

How can I tell if a bat has rabies?

Rabies can be confirmed only in a laboratory by examining the brain tissue.  However, any bat active during the day, found where bats are not usually seen, or unable to fly, is more likely than others to be rabid.  Therefore it is best to never handle any bat with your bare hands.

What is considered a rabies exposure?
  • A bite from a rabid bat.

  • Saliva or brain tissue from a rabid bat gets into a scratch, wound, mucous membrane.

  • A bat in the room with a sleeping person or unattended child.

  • Potential for exposure:

  • A bat near a mentally impaired or intoxicated person.

  • A bat in the firewood hand-carried into the house.

NOT an exposure:
  • A bat flying nearby

  • Bat feces, blood, or urine.

  • A bat seen in your attic or in a cave.

  • Touching an object a bat had touched.

  • Touching a bat on its fur.

When should the health department be contacted?

If you have exposure or potential for exposure - for either humans or pets - contact the nurses at 330-296-9919.


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