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Portage County GIS Mission Statement:

To provide the citizens and governments of Portage County with accurate, and reliable geographic information through the development and implementation of GIS Technologies.

Portage County GIS Awards

2008 OGRIP Ohio GIS Best Practices Award 2011 GMIS G2 Award (Government2Citizens/GIS) 2011 Digital Government Achievement Award / Government-to-Government (Honorable Mention) 2011 URISA Distinguished System - Enterprise Systems Category (ESIG) Award for Enterprise GIS 2011 OGRIP Ohio GIS Best Practices Award
What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. It is a computer-based tool used to map and analyze objects and events. It combines the power of a database with the visualization capabilities offered by maps. This helps analysts discover relationships between and among sets of computer-readable, geographically referenced data that they could not see or understand easily without the aid of this technology. More than half a million people in the world use GIS to solve problems in areas such as environmental protection, pollution, health care, land use, asset deployment and routing, natural resources, conservation, business efficiency, education and social inequities.

GIS Mapping Websites

Portage County is committed to providing it's citizens and other agencies with efficient, reliable access to public information. Disseminating geographic data via today's GIS and internet technologies is the most cost effective way to accomplish the task. Significant time and effort will be dedicated to utilizing web solutions.

Parcel Conversion

The parcel layer is one of the most important parts of the GIS base map. It allows for faster access to information, it provides improved data analysis capabilities, and it facilitates the integration of data from multiple sources. All of this adds up to better decision making. High quality cartographic output is made possible and efficient parcel data management is made easier.

The Portage County parcel conversion project is underway and the pilot area has been delivered and reviewed. The pilot area data are available on the "New GIS Viewer". Subsequent delivery areas will be made available on-line as they are received. Delivery Schedule Project Status

Your comments about the data are welcome, but please keep in mind the data are by no means complete or represent the final product. Any questions or comments about the parcel data should be directed to Joe Reichlin, GIS Manager jreichlin @
LBRS (The Location Based Response System)

The Location Based Response System (LBRS) is a program that establishes partnerships between State and County government for the creation of spatially accurate street centerlines with address ranges and field verified site-specific address locations.

In order to prepare for and respond effectively to naturally-caused and man-made emergencies, local and state officials must have access to accurate information about the locations of people, places, and things. Locations might refer to street addresses, voter or school districts, census tracts, or geographic coordinates. No matter what the form, knowledge of locations allows us to identify where people, places, and things are. Without ready access to reliable data about geospatial data, local and state officials are compromised in their efforts to deliver emergency services, relocate displaced citizens, and provide medical aid and support to impacted areas.

GIS Master Plan and Survey

In September of 2006, a GIS activity and needs assessment survey was conducted. The purpose of the survey was to gather information about GIS activity and needs in Portage County. It provided valuable information on how Portage County uses, collects, and maintains GIS and geographic data. The survey results will be used to develop a GIS master plan for Portage County. Survey Results

GIS Timeline

Contact Information

Joe Reichlin, GISP - GIS Manager
449 S. Meridian St., 6th Floor, Portage County Admin. Bldg.
Ravenna, Ohio 44266
Phone: 330-297-3510 Fax: 330-297-4560
*Toll Free 1-800-772-3799
*For calls in Portage County from a number not local to the 296 / 297 exchange.

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