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Portage County Common Pleas Court




General Division


Judge Laurie J. Pittman


Judge John A. Enlow

Laurie J. Pittman


John A. Enlow

203 West Main Street
Ravenna, Ohio 44266 
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

The jurisdiction of the Common Pleas Court General Division covers three categories of cases: criminal, civil and administrative. The criminal cases are all felonies which are the most serious crimes. Civil cases include personal injuries, business disputes, property matters and equity cases. Examples of administrative cases are zoning, workers' compensation and employment matters. In all cases the Court issues a final ruling which may be appealed to the Eleventh District Court of Appeals and/or the Supreme Court of Ohio.  

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Judge Laurie J. Pittman
Fax: 330-297-5370
Judge John A. Enlow
Phone: 330-297-3866
Fax: 330-297-4589
Assignment Commissioner/Court Administrator

Vicki Bennett
Phone: 330-297-3858


Robert Burgess
Phone:  330-297-3860

Official Court Reporter

Amanda Goldberg
Phone: 330-297-3863 

Assignment Commissioner/Court Administrator

Pam Krysiak
Phone: 330-297-3866

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Shirley Siciliano
Phone: 330-297-3861

Official Court Reporter

Linda Rumsey
Phone: 330-297-3864 

Administrative Staff

Robert Berger


Richard J. Steinle
Phone: 330-298-3232

Secretary to Mediator

Cathy Strope
Phone: 330-298-3232 

Clerk of Court

Linda Fankhauser
Phone: 330-297-3644



Kent M. Graham
Phone: 330-297-3879

Judicial Assistant

Darlene Pepper

Deputy Jury Commissioner

Marie Kunka
Phone: 330-297-3859

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