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 Auto Title Frequently Asked Questionse

Source: Ohio DMV

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How do I get a duplicate certificate of title?
Application is made in person at any county title office. There is a $16.00 fee. Please take your picture ID, registration or any other documents that verify the vehicle identification number.

I just moved to Ohio, how do I get an Ohio title for my vehicle?
If you have your jurisdictions title in your name, take that and a completed Out of State Inspection form (can be obtained at any Deputy Registrar's office or almost all new or used car dealers in Ohio) to the Clerk of Courts Title office in any county. You are applying for a conversion title from your state to Ohio. If you do not have your title and it is being held by the lien holder or leasing company, please get in contact with them to see how they want to handle the conversion.

My title does not reflect the correct vehicle identification number, how do I correct it?
Contact the closest Highway Patrol Inspection station and ask to come in and have a trooper do a vehicle verification check on the car. Mail a copy of this form and a copy of the front of the title and a brief letter as to what the problem is and your phone number etc. to the Ohio BMV, Title Division. PO Box 16520, Columbus, Ohio, 43216-6520. We will locate the problem and do a correction letter so that you can proceed to your county clerk's office for a corrected title.

My vehicle has had the vehicle identification plate removed/stolen how do I get a new one?
Contact the Title Division, 614-752-7671 and ask for a replacement VIN letter to be sent to your address. This letter will explain how to apply through the Highway Patrol office ($50 inspection fee) which can result in either the Patrol making a Department of Public Safety VIN replacement plate or applying directly through the manufacturer. The time frame is 6-8 weeks for a manufacturer's plate.  After completion, you may have title replaced at any county title office.

My insurance company has salvaged my vehicle, but I am keeping it and repairing it for my use, what steps do I need to follow?
First apply for a salvage title in your name changing the status of your title from regular to salvage. (NOTE: The vehicle cannot be operated on the highway while evidenced on a salvage title.) Upon completion of the repairs contact the closest Highway Patrol Inspection Station and make an appointment to have a salvage inspection done. ($50 fee) Take any receipts for repairs and new parts with you to the inspection. After the vehicle has successfully completed the inspection, take Form HP106 and your salvage title, and proceed to any title office and apply for a "rebuilt salvage" title. After all of these steps have been completed, the vehicle is now operable for highway use.

How do I transfer ownership of my vehicle to another person?
On the back of your current title, at the top, complete the new buyers name and address, plus the purchase price. Complete the odometer certification area stating the mileage as it appears on the odometer. Right under the mileage area is the sellers notary section. This area must be completed and notarized. Next, the buyer must acknowledge the mileage as stated by the seller by filling in his signature and then printing his name. The seller should make a copy of the front and back of the assigned title and remove the plates from the vehicle.

How do I transfer an assigned title into my name?
After receiving an assigned title, the new buyer can proceed to any Deputy Registrars Office with the assigned title and purchase a 30 day tag. Within 30 days, proceed to the Clerk of Courts title office (in order to avoid a $5.00 late charge) in any county and apply for title in your name. You will also have to pay sales & use tax on the purchase price of the vehicle. The rate varies from county to county so phone ahead for you rate. If you have a lien holder, you will need a certified copy of your security agreement for the lien to be noted.

How do I record a lien on a motor vehicle?
The Clerk of Courts Title Office in your area will require either a certified copy or the original security agreement along with the current title. The title office will produce a new title for this transaction, it is called a lien replacement and will cost $15.00.

I need to get a title history done on a vehicle, how is this done?
Write or stop in to the Ohio BMV, Title Division, PO Box 16520, Columbus, Ohio 43266-0020 or 1970 West Broad Street; Columbus, OH 43223 and complete a title request form. You will need to supply the vehicle identification number, and the year and make of the vehicle. Each title history costs $2.00. This history will reveal all previous owner information if you meet the requirements according to the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).  Otherwise you will only receive vehicle information.

There is an abandoned vehicle on my property, how do I handle this situation?
First contact your local law enforcement office as each area has different rules on this. Some law enforcement agencies will come to your property and remove the vehicle, others will say its on your property and you will have to find out who the owner is and contact them. If local law enforcement will not remove the vehicle, you would need legal advice and possibly a court ordered title to be put in your name.

There is an abandoned vehicle on the street where I live, how do I handle this?
Contact local law enforcement and they will come out and remove the vehicle.

I purchased a vehicle in-state or out-of-state and the seller did not provide me with a title. I have a bill of sale, what do I do?
Contact the title division by letter. Compose a sworn notarized statement as to the facts pertaining to the purchase of the vehicle. Next, obtain a completed Out of State Inspection form. Make a copy of all papers that you have on the vehicle from the seller and mail to the Ohio BMV, Title Division, P.O. Box 16520, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6520.  The inquiry will be reviewed by the Title Section and if approved, a letter of authorization will be issued.

I have an assigned title for the vehicle I am driving, but it was assigned a year ago, what do I do?
Proceed to any county title office and apply for title. You will be charged a $5 late fee, in addition to other applicable fees.

I just got married, do I need to go and have my name changed on my title?
No, at the time the title was issued your maiden name was correct and the title office will not change your title. Upon the sale of the vehicle that is in your maiden name, assign the title with your married name and also your maiden name.

My spouse has died and the vehicle is still in her/his name, what do I do?
Proceed to the title office in any county and apply for surviving spouse certificate of title. Some counties require a certified copy of the death certificate, so phone ahead for requirements. You may apply for up to 2 vehicles on a surviving spouse benefit. However, the estimated value of both vehicles cannot exceed $40,000. Surviving spouse can only transfer passenger vehicles, or a 3/4 ton truck or smaller into their names. Commercial vehicles, motor homes, motor cycles, recreational vehicles are not covered under the surviving spouse law.

I'm 17 years old and I want to purchase a vehicle in Ohio, how is that handled?
If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must complete a minor consent form. A parent or legal guardian must accompany you when you appear in front of the Clerk of Courts title office staff to have a vehicle titled in your name in Ohio. The forms are available at the Title Office.

I'm moving to Europe and taking my vehicle with me, how is this handled?
Contact the Ohio BMV Title Division, 614-752-7671 and ask to speak to the export-import assistant. Upon completion of the required paperwork you will be issued an official Ohio Export document upon the surrender of your Ohio Title to the BMV.

Source: Title Division  web site Ohio BMV

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